Ever wonder what would happen if you had your identity stolen? Here's a sneak preview. If we (that's consumers and retailers) continue to neglect our Irish brands, we will be losing our uniqueness - what makes us who we are. Irish brands such as Guinness, Jameson, Ballygowan, even Colin Farrell, continue to fly our nation's flag. It's not just about being able to buy your favourite brands of sausages, it goes deeper .

It's about how others perceive us internationally - people flock to this little island of ours for a slice of Irish and we're not just talking Blarney. From coddle to crisps, our Irishness is celebrated the world over for punching above our weight globally. So lets make sure we keep it that way.

It's about economic security - having our own Irish brands means we can stand on our own two feet, maintain the independence we've fought so fiercely for and control our country's economic future.

It's about keeping our own identity - Irish brands are our hallmark. They reflect who we are, what we do, and how we do it. They are what makes us unique.